Thursday, March 09, 2006

nasty and wet

This is Bogie. This is Bogie's Christmas present, already wet with drool and all rough edged with chew marks. Still, of all the presents distributed that year (2001)--none was appreciated more.

When you throw that frisbee, Bogie just sails through the air. It's about the only way in which she's a typical Australian Shepherd. That dog is scared of everything unless she's chasing something or in someone's lap. Weird dog but she's my brothers so I endure the nasty and wet frisbee throwing. Ewwww!


Blogger Michelle said...

If it kills me i am going to find out what breed of dog You lot call Australian Shepards, we don't have them here!! No dog in Oz is called an Australian Shepard. I swear i will find out what we call's been driving me crazy.

6:30 AM  

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