Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Winter pics from 2001

These pictures weren't taken with Daisy but rather with my first digital camera, a 1.3 megapixel Olympus that has been retired since. You can tell the focus isn't very good and of course the resolution is a lot lower.

The picture above was taken the day before a large snowstorm hit. I climbed up a small moutain to get a few shots of the Trilakes area since I suspected I'd not be able to get up there again once it had snowed. The climb was short but too steep for icy conditions.

I took this one the day after the picture above was taken. While the setting implies quiet desolation, I actually took the picture only a few steps away from a road.

I love gray skies like that and while it doesn't translate as well in pictures, I can often recall the feeling of being under those stark gray skies just by looking at the picture.

The lighting in this one was tricky. There really wasn't enough light to get detail in my picture. This was taken in the late afternoon and I needed to get off the mountain fairly quickly and wasn't able to wait for the sky to clear up.

I think the moutain straight ahead in the picture is Ampersand Mountain which I had hoped to also climb--but the snow that arrived the next day eliminated that idea. Just too steep and icy back there near Ampersand.


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